Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Tattered Lace Dies on a Wednesday!

Just a quick post here, to let you know we've just added some lovely new intricate dies to the site at!

These wonderful dies were designed by Stephanie Weightman and bring out some truly beautiful designs that you can incorporate into your crafty projects! If you're interested in these items and would like to purchase them, you can click on the image and be taken directly to the relevant page on our website.
As always, we love seeing the work that you create with our products, so if you would like to see your projects featured on our channels, then feel free to get in touch with, via our Facebook page, via our Twitter page, or via our Instagram page.


Friday, 16 June 2017

Floral Friday: Lots and lots of lovely flowers!

Today we have decided shall be Floral Friday, as we have lots of new flower products for you at! Last time, we showed you the Foamiran sheets which can make beautiful flowers from scratch, even petal by petal, but these are complete pieces making it even easier for you to put together a masterpiece.

We have added a whole new range of products from Club Green that are simply beautiful, from two tone roses, to Daisy sprays, to Hessian flowers, as you can see below! 

A beautiful pink Daisy spray with berries that will light up any card! 

These stunning black flowers can add a gothic or more sombre mood to a card, or even make it funky by clashing against brighter colours! 

One of the new two tone roses available, this blue and white rose is a perfect representation of nature's beauty!

 A large Peony with stem and backing flower which really brings out the colour of this piece!

Now this is something truly beautiful, a Hessian flower with winter sprinkles!

 A perfect set of six Hessian flowers which work beautifully as a small bouquet!

Such beautiful effects we can all use to spruce up our cards, scrapbooks or crafty gifts/displays! Order today to get these magnificient products before they sell out, and thank us later! As always, if you'd like your work featured on our channels, feel free to get in touch via, via our Facebook page, via our Instagram page or via our Twitter page.

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


We are finally very pleased to be able to announce we are stocking Foamiran sheets at, which as I'm sure most of you know can create absolutely stunning flowers and different shapes with ease. We may even put together a little tutorial for you all to enjoy and pick up some techniques!

So far, we are stocking three main colours, green, white and cream as they are the main base colours for most planets, and the foam sheets can be coloured to give them extra depth and range. If you like the look of these products, feel free to check them out at, or click the image to be taken directly to its page. 

These beautiful cream sheets would be perfect for petals, and also for colouring upon! 

These green sheets are the ideal Foamiran sheet, as it matches natural colours perfectly, and is very easily malleable to fit exactly how you need it to! 

These pure white sheets are absolutely lovely, and would stand out beautiful amongst the colour of your flowers made from Foamiran products. You can also add colour to these if you wish, or use them to simulate buds and or petals!

As always, we love seeing what you create with our products and what we sell on our website, so if you would ever like to see your work shown on our various platforms, please feel free to get in contact via, via our Facebook page, via our Twitter page, or via our Instagram page. We would be more than happy to showcase what you've made!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Bottle It Up! - New Resin Releases & More

On this Monday morning, we are bottling up our Monday motivation by offering this lovely set of three bottles for only £2.25! They are perfect to use as wine bottles, as perfume bottles, or even potion/elixir bottles for those with a magical and mystical interest.

Sized at 5cm x 1.2cm / 2.7cm x 5cm / 2.7 x 4cm respectively, they are lightweight yet very sturdy, meaning you can paint them up, glitter them, or do whatever you want to them and they won't weigh your item down!

Just imagine the possibilities when combining them with other items available at and or You really can make something extraordinary!

Also today, we would like to highlight another one of our products, the IndigoBlu - Slap It On - Starter Kit with Mannequin! Perfect for those who want a bit of a clean slate to work on, and create their own masterpiece. AND we have dropped the price to only £9.49 for one week only, so get them while you still can!

As you can see from the image, it comes as a full kit and will give you lots of inspiration and ideas for creating beautiful pieces, which we can't wait to see!

And as always, if you'd like to see your work featured on any of our channels, feel free to get in touch via, our Facebook page, our Resin page, our Instagram page, or our Twitter page. Thanks, and have a great day!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A New Special Resin: The Mighty Pegasus!

Today it's quite miserable outside, which can only mean one thing, lots more crafting inside where it's warm and dry! Also, to help lift your spirits metaphorically and somewhat literally, check out our newest resin piece... the mighty Pegasus!

The winged divine stallion is usually depicted as pure white in colour, making this resin even more perfect! In the original Greek mythology, he was sired by Poseidon, the god of the sea, in his role as horse-god, and foaled by the Gorgon Medusa.

Greco-Roman poets write about his ascent to heaven after his birth and his obeisance to Zeus, king of the gods, who instructed him to bring lightning and thunder from Olympus. Friend of the Muses, Pegasus is the creator of Hippocrene, the fountain on Mt. Helicon.

He was captured by the Greek hero Bellerophon near the fountain Peirene with the help of Athena and Poseidon. Pegasus allows the hero to ride him to defeat a monster, the Chimera, before realizing many other exploits. His rider, however, falls off his back trying to reach Mount Olympus. Zeus transformed him into the constellation Pegasus and placed him up in the sky.

So there is a lot of history behind these pieces, and the striking images and resins will bring a life a whole new layer of detail and context which people of all ages can appreciate! Perfect for children who love fantasy creatures, those with mythological interest, and those who appreciate historical stories!

If you would ever like your work to be featured on our social media channels, please feel free to email us at, via our main Facebook page, via our Resin Facebook page, via our Instagram page, and or via our Twitter page!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Now Offering: Coloured Resins!

So on this gloomy Tuesday in the Midlands, we'd like to cheer everyone up and introduce some colour to your day! We are now very pleased to be able to say we can now offer coloured resins, in at least 8 colours and more on the way, for just an additional 20p-40p depending on the size.

As an example, we've used one of our favourite resin pieces, the window/picture frame in 8 lovely colours:

As you can see, some of the colours are subtle, some of them are very bold, but all would be perfect for most types of cards and projects!

The beautiful darker and more subtle colours would work brilliantly on a retro background, or for something that needs a more vintage or steampunk look, whereas the brighter colours would work great on a child's card or for something upbeat and funky!

The paler colours are perfect for more classy and antique types of cards.

If you like any of our resins, and want them coloured in any particular option shown above, just let us know which number you like the look of, and we'll colour that resin! As said before, it only costs an additional 20-40 pence to give them that extra bit of depth and reality with the colours, so why wait? Get them while they're hot as we say!

If you've enjoyed our products and would like your work shown on any of our pages, just in get in touch at, or via our main Facebook page, our Resin Embellishment Shop Facebook page, Instagram page, and or our Twitter page and we'd love to share what you create!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tuesday Additions! Inks, stencils, dies and more!

More new products!

Today we've been busy uploading new products to the website for you to peruse and enjoy, and we think you'll love some of the new additions!

"My Favorite Things" is a very popular line of products that are made in the USA, and now available from us at, and as you can see from the images below they are lovely products!

Beautiful inks which help bring your creations to life!

A more subtle and noir blend of colours to add to your palette!

Classic and vintage looking inks which will add another layer to your creations!

Bold and beautiful colours that are perfect for blending!

Sweet and strong colours that would be perfect for kids' cards, and big kids' too!

A wonderful brick stencil which would work perfectly with texture paste, inks and glitters!

A lovely die that encapsulates what friendships are all about!

Our favourite, a little postgirl with mail! Perfect for any kind of cutesy card, especially for young ones!

We hope you'll enjoy using these, and remember you can always submit your creations to use to be shown on our Facebook page, Twitter page and or Instagram page by getting in touch at or via the pages!