Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tuesday Additions! Inks, stencils, dies and more!

More new products!

Today we've been busy uploading new products to the website for you to peruse and enjoy, and we think you'll love some of the new additions!

"My Favorite Things" is a very popular line of products that are made in the USA, and now available from us at, and as you can see from the images below they are lovely products!

Beautiful inks which help bring your creations to life!

A more subtle and noir blend of colours to add to your palette!

Classic and vintage looking inks which will add another layer to your creations!

Bold and beautiful colours that are perfect for blending!

Sweet and strong colours that would be perfect for kids' cards, and big kids' too!

A wonderful brick stencil which would work perfectly with texture paste, inks and glitters!

A lovely die that encapsulates what friendships are all about!

Our favourite, a little postgirl with mail! Perfect for any kind of cutesy card, especially for young ones!

We hope you'll enjoy using these, and remember you can always submit your creations to use to be shown on our Facebook page, Twitter page and or Instagram page by getting in touch at or via the pages!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Thursday Tutorial: 3 Different Effects You Can Use With Your Distress Oxide Inks!

Thursday's Tutorial

Today we are going to show you some techniques and effects you can use with your Distress Oxide Inks, aka Distress Inks, to make three very different styles of card.
Firstly we will show you how to make a crackled type of effect with your inks, followed by a watercolour effect, ending with a blended chalk-like effect! Each has their own unique style and looks stunning in every way!


Firstly we will show you the effects you can create using the different techniques regarding the inks...


Then we will show you how to combine different elements to create beautiful finished cards!

Combining these different techniques such as using inks or pastes to create backing card stock, adding distress inked embellishments and then a sentiment result in stunning effects!


By speckling the finished pieces, you can add that extra little something to make your cards stand out even more!

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the video tutorial:


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and we will have more to come soon! If you'd like any of your work to be showcased on our pages, please get in touch via our Facebook page, Instagram page, or Twitter page.

Monday, 15 May 2017

A very special new resin piece, and some exciting news!


So today we wanted to showcase a very special new resin we have available, the Noah's Ark resin embellishment!

We put it on a cartoon sea background to show an example of how it could be used, but as with most embellishments there are an infinite amount of things you can do with them. They can be painted, glittered up, speckled, or even have a magnet attached to the back so you can have your very own unique Noah's Ark fridge magnet!

The detail on this piece is incredible, clearly showing a giraffe, elephant, rhino, bears, cows, sheep amongst other animals, along with Noah standing proudly on the Ark! They could be easily painted to make them stand out more, but even blank they still pack a real visual punch.

You can either buy them via our Facebook page, or the website.


Now, you're probably wondering what our exciting news is, right?! Well, we're very pleased to be able to say that we at Craft All Day will very soon be stocking Foamiran, so you can make your own super realistic foam flowers quickly and easily, with astonishing results!

These fantastic foam sheets allow you to create beautiful flower pieces which you can combine or have as standalone items. They are flexible and durable, meaning you can have a lot of fun in making your perfect flower!

We will be stocking white, cream and olive coloured foam sheets at £1.60 and sized at 30x35cm, which we expect will sell out quickly, so act fast on these ones!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Feature Friday: Stephanie Weightman Tattered Lace Dies!

It's Feature Friday, and today we're focusing on some beautiful new Tattered Lace dies designed by Stephanie Weightman!

These beautiful dies will work with most leading die cutting machines, and will produce extremely high quality cuts for you to use in any of your card making or scrapbooking projects. And of course, for anything else either! 

We have a limited stock of these items, so get them while they're hot! Also, lots of new items have been added to the shop, so be sure to check it out at!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Scrapberry Pads at Reduced Prices!

Today we are excited to be able to offer some wonderful Scrapberry's items at reduced prices for you! These pads can be used for any and all aspects of card making, giving them a wonderfully professional and loving look. 

Don't miss out on these absolute bargains, and get yours today! Quite a few have gone already, so grabs yours now before it's too late!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

New In: Dies by Sue Wilson! - Creative Expressions

So today we are delighted to be able to say we are now able to provide some beautiful dies made by Sue Wilson for Creative Expressions! These extremely high quality steel dies cut the most beautiful shapes, and can be used in all of the die cutting machines we also have available on site at: 

With these dies you can make any number of different types of cards and craft projects, each one being perfect by their own merit, but allowing you to combine them means the combinations and possibilities are, once again, endless!

We are very pleased to have these high quality items in stock, and to be able to provide them for you at competitive prices! We also love seeing what our customers make with our products and so if you would like your work showcased on the blog, our Facebook page, our Instagram page, or Twitter account, please let us know and we'd be more than happy to do so! Just tag us in your photo or message us directly and we'll happily credit you.

We hope you enjoy using these dies!

Monday, 8 May 2017

Monday: Back to work, back to resin!

It's that dreaded day of the week again; the back to work day, the back to school day, and the general day we all dislike... Monday!

However, we're here to cheer you up with some new fantastic resin pieces we now have available on the website!

A beautiful bunch of flowers that you could paint in a variety of colours!

A classic corset, perfect for a woman's card!

A Hello Kitty figure, complete with body!

A Hello Kitty head! (Perfect for kids and big kids alike!)

So as you can see, with our ever expanding range of resins, there is so much you can do to add to your craft projects and give them more depth and content! We personally love these pieces as they allow you to paint them, glitter them up, stick them anywhere, and you could even attach a magnet and have it as a fridge magnet if you wanted!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Feature Friday! - Sizzix - Tim Holtz Alterations - Vintage Typewriter

We have that Friday Feeling here at Craft All Day today! It's a beautifully sunny day, and we're full of inspiration and ideas for craft projects and products!

Today we thought we'd feature one of our favourite items, the Vintage Typewriter Bigz Die!
A beautiful and intricately made piece, this Bigz die is a classic. This die is designed for use mainly with the BIGkick, Big Shot and or Vagabond machines and requires the use of a pair of Cutting Pads.

It perfectly cuts through even thick materials, including cardstock, chipboard, fabric, foam, magnet, leather, metallic foil, paper and sandpaper.

As men are notoriously difficult to make cards or certain craft projects for, you can create something perfect and beautiful for them with this die! Or if someone is into antiquities, or even typewriters in general like the legend Tom Hanks, then this is even more perfect!

Imagine the things you can create with this die!!!

We'd love to see what you make, so if you want us to see and or share your finished product, we'd be more than happy to do so! So get in touch via the blog, Twitter or Instagram and we'll showcase what you've made with this fantastic product!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

May the Fourth be with You! - Star Wars Day Specials!

It's Star Wars Day! And aren't we all excited?! We're all fans of the franchise here, and so we're extra happy to be able to provide the following Star Wars resins:

Han Solo frozen in carbonite, just like the original figure and scene from The Empire Strikes Back, now all the way back from 1980 for you to use today!

These extremely sturdy resins stand at 9cm x 3.5cm can be mounted to cards, scrapbooks, magnets for fridges etc, or even used as novelty key-rings! You can leave them blank, paint them with any kind of paint, or even glitter them up if you want to; the possibilities are endless!

And, if you want a smaller version, they're also available at Craft All Day:

These mini versions stand at 4cm x 2cm, and are perfect little token gifts and are also perfect to use as embellishments!

We love seeing what you make with our items, so please feel free to send us any pictures of finished products and we'd be more than happy to share them on our blog!

And once again, May the Fourth be with You!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Sizzix... Tuesday?

We couldn't think of a super imaginative title for this particular blog post, but we've found some very imaginative products for you to look at!

Brought to you directly by us at competitive prices, these Sizzix dies are absolutely fantastic, and leave you with tremendous visual results on your card making or scrapbooking projects. But don't just take our word for it, have a look below: 
With steel-rule construction, a Bigz die cleanly cuts thick materials, including cardstock, chipboard, fabric, foam, magnet, leather, metallic foil, paper and sandpaper (in limited use). Its wider size offers you more design options. This die is designed for use only with the BIGkick, Big Shot and Vagabond machines and requires the use of a pair of Cutting Pads. 
Just a bit bigger than our standard Bigz dies, these great big dies cut almost anything, including cardstock, felt, fabric, foam, magnet, leather, craft aluminum and many other materials. Imagine the giant-sized possibilities of our large and lovely decorative shapes!
This die is designed for use only with the BIGkick, Big Shot and Vagabond machines and requires the use of a pair of Standard Cutting Pads. 
Sizzix Thinlits Die Set - Splatter 3PK 661709 Debi Potter (04-17) 
Just a bit bigger than our standard Bigz dies, these great big dies cut almost anything, including cardstock, felt, fabric, foam, magnet, leather, craft aluminum and many other materials. Imagine the giant-sized possibilities of our large and lovely decorative shapes! This die is designed for use only with the BIGkick, Big Shot and Vagabond machines and requires the use of a pair of Standard Cutting Pads.

So you can see, these affordable and durable products can leave you with plenty of choices regarding which direction to go down craft wise, and are reusable to the point where the possibilities are genuinely endless! We would love to see what you create, so please upload anything you want to share, to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag us at Craft All Day using either our names or #CraftAllDayCreates!

Monday, 24 April 2017

After A Short Break - Men's Embellishments!

After a short break away in the sun in Tenerife, we are back with some new items which will excite some of you crafters! Men are notoriously difficult to cater for when it comes to crafting, card making and scrapbooking in particular, so we have picked and made some nautical and clock themed resins that would suit most men we think!

Available at our Resin Page on Facebook, these beautiful sets can be bought and applied on to any kind of project you'd like. And as with all our other resin items, they can be painted, glittered (if the recipient likes glitter of course!) and stuck to any medium without fear of breaking of them weighing the medium down.

Let us know what you think of them, and keep an eye on the page as more will be coming shortly!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Under The Sea canvas art: Done Quickly!

As we have had a decent amount of interest in the Under The Sea canvas art piece, we decided to start selling kits so people could make their own at home, and arrange them however they'd like. We also decided to release a tutorial video which is currently being edited and rendered, and then will be uploaded to YouTube for you all to watch, learn from and enjoy!

In the meantime, however, we have a quick speed art version of the video for you to get a sneak peek at how it's done!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

National Pet Day! - The Curious Cat!

Today is National Pet Day in America, and so we decided to focus on an item that we have recently covered and received a lot of love and attention.

Perfect for cat lovers, curious people, or someone who just loves animals in general!

There are so many different ways you can use the components of this stamp set that the possibilities are truly endless!

The image above shows an example of how you can put it together, but you can do literally anything with this, and create some wonderful works of art. If you make something and would like it showcased on the blog, please get in touch and let us know and we'd be more than happy to do so!

Monday, 10 April 2017

Holiday Time: Kids Get Crafty!

It's the Easter holidays, which can only mean one thing for most of us, lots of noise and bored children wanting to do anything and everything, but not knowing what to do! At we have a solution for you...

The Mini Activity Pack!!! Featuring either Unicorn & Heart, Rocket & Car, Dinosaurs, Crab & Mermaid, or Anchor & Whale MDF shapes; these kits also come with a set of paints so your little ones can decorate their shapes until they're completely happy with their works of art!

Each kit will give them at least an hour or two of imaginative creating which will inspire them to make more and be more creative in their work! Suitable for boys and girls aged 4+, this should keep them entertained for some time, and give you a rest (or maybe even some inspiration for yourself!) If you like the look of these, get in touch!

Friday, 7 April 2017

Feature Friday: The £20 Mystery Box!

Today we are featuring a new mystery product... The £20 Mystery Box!
Due to the immense amount of items we have for sale, we are putting together some mystery boxes for £20 with a value of much more than that inside!

You will get at least 1 altered art item, many flowers, lengths of ribbons, different gems, patterned and coloured papers, and much more!

This is going to be a great box of crafting goodies, and each one can create multiple projects with the contents!

These boxes will be FULL!!!

All the items will be NEW!!!

So, head on over to and get your own Mystery Box!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Beautiful resin embellishments!

So, the other day we mentioned the rise in interest in our resin embellishments, and gave you the link to the Facebook page. Today, we are going to give you a little preview of what's available!

This is just a small portion of what we have available, and as we said before we are expanding the range almost every day, and if you keep up with us on Facebook you'll see more and more as we post newer items.

They are surprisingly sturdy and have an incredible amount of detail to them, down to fabric stitiching on the dresses and the scales on the mermaids which in turn have textured scales on themselves! They can also be painted on, have glitter added to them, and can be attached to any kind of background.

So you can see here, the level of detail and the complexity of these casts is just stunning! And as you can do anything you like with them, the potential results are endless! We'd love to see what you make with these resin casts, so please get in touch and we'll showcase some on the blog!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Product Highlights: Visible Image Stamps

Today we are going to highlight some of our favourite products we have available to buy at!

On this Wednesday morning we will be looking at some of the lovely stamps created by Visible Image. They have produced a wide range of very eye catching stamps, which are very different from the vast majority of stamps available on the market today, and we are stocking the best ones! At very affordable prices, you can give your craft projects a bit more edge and a stunning look which will get everyone looking at your work.

Below are just a few examples of those stamps, and if you click on the image you will be taken to the page on our site where you can buy them!

So, as you can see, there are a wide variety of striking images that you can create using these stamps, and they are very unique in their style, look and sentiments. They can be combined, or used partially, to make each project or card unique and different in subtle or more obvious ways. The beautiful thing about these stamps is that they are very versatile and will take any kind of ink, so regardless of what you have or buy, you know it will work with these products!

Personally, we love these stamps and what they help to create, and we hope that you will come to love them too!