Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A nice way to present your cards

 Do you have special cards you want to send to someone?

  Instead of putting it in the envelope why not put it in one of our Greetings Card boxes.

 At present we have 6" x 6" x 1" boxes. These are deep enough to allow for your embellishments.

The boxes are self closing so you don't need tape or glue

Why not decorate the box to match your card?

We will soon be stocking 8" x 8" boxes too.

If you require a large quantity please contact us.



  1. Love these, I have attempted to make a few of these myself in the past not with a great deal of success. So are a definite on my wish list.

    Kietha x

  2. What I would like to find is GIFT SET BOXES, as a crafter I give away sets of cards, personalized, i.e. the senders address on the left-hand side and what I need is a box that will take about six cards and evelopes, either for 5 x 5 or A6. What rather spoils my projects\gifts at the moment is finding suitable boxes

  3. These boxes are Fantastic!!! Putting these at the top of my wish list!!
    Nancy xx :D