Friday, 23 March 2012


Yesterday I went to the NEC and for the first time in years enjoyed myself as a customer rather than a demonstrator. I bought lots of lovely goodies and have ideas of more goodies to put in the shop.

Today I had an accident  at the school where I work part time......opening a door!
The fire door is heavy and I put some force on the handle to open it. As I did I felt a "snap" in my hand. Down the middle of palm I saw a thick, swollen and hard line of blue. My hand started to sweat and my fingers tinkled and felt very tight. I was sent to hospital where the Dr said I had pulled the muscle away
from the bone and broken a vein. He said it will be painful for about a week and could get quite bruised. I need to rest it and take painkillers. I am gutted as it means I wont be able to do any housework!!!!!(LOL)

However I did mange to make 2 cards when I got back home. Nothing stops me crafting!

So I am a bit slow today at putting on some of the new items we have in the shop. Please bear with me.

Have a good and safe evening. Be careful opening doors!!!!

Hugs Sarah x


  1. Us crafter will do anything to get out the house work lol but seriously take it easy it sounds very painful so make sure you do rest it glad to hear you enjoyed the NEC I didn't go this time but hopefully will be in Nov
    Take care
    Jacki xx

  2. Oww, poor you - shame about the housework :)

  3. oh take care properly.. wish you a speedy recovery

  4. OUCH, that does sound painful! At least you can still craft.. that's the most important thing...not the housework!!lol
    Glad you had a great time at the NEC. I missed the one up here in Scotland as i was not long our of hospital and wasn't up to it...Gutted!
    Hope your hand heals soon!
    Lynne x

  5. I don't know!!!!! anything to get out of the housework!!!! lol. I'm so glad you had a great time at the NECC, wish I could have been there!!! maybe I'll come stay with you and we can go together next time. I hope everything heals quickly as we need to see those adorable creations.
    Hugs n love
    Suzi x

  6. Ouch Sarah, your description really made me wince, so hope it gets better soo, glad you had a good day at NEC I'm going tomorrow, YAY!
    BIG HUGZ Fleur xXx