Monday, 9 April 2012

New paper packs

 It is lovely buying card and paper stacks. But after we have used several sheets we all end up with partial stacks piled up in the corner. Well do we really want to make dozens of cards that all look pretty much the same?

So we have come to your rescue. We have made up variety paper packs using papers from several stacks. So you will have a real mixture. And the exciting thing is you wont know what papers you are getting! The contents of each pack will vary. You will get a variety of patterned papers and some cardstock too.

You will get approx 30 sheets for £3.50 

We will have colour varieties. Pink/red are on already and throughout the day I will be adding blues, greens, lilacs, and vintage floral.

Hugs Sarah x

Our designs team will be using these papers in their projects.


  1. Now this is a great idea. Looking forward to when you have the vintage florals. Hugs lin

  2. Fab idea Sarah, looking forward to seeing the whole range of colours.
    Suzi x

  3. A great idea Sarah, can't wait to see the rest, especially the vintage florals
    HUGZ Fleur xXx