Monday, 13 March 2017

Updating, and still open for business!

So, today, we have been updating the website with even more fantastic new items for you to choose from and use in your crafty projects. With huge ranges from different companies, you can be confident to find what you want or need at Craft All Day, and if we don't stock it, we can more than likely help you find it!

Our digital content and marketing manager thought the following picture would sum us up if we had a stall! The boxes show our constant intake of new products, and references our "What's in the box?" videos that we frequently upload to Facebook in the form of live videos. This we found has made an exciting link between the store and customers, making everyone feel more friendly and personal as they are able to communicate with us and each other as we find out what indeed is in the box!

Also, you'll probably spot some of our more popular items and a random array of items you can purchase from us and use in almost any if not all craft related projects. The social media icons have also been shown on the banner to emphasize that we are adapting with the newest trends, and while we have always been on social media and had a presence, we are doing our utmost to improve that and increase connectivity and network so everyone can know what we're about and benefit from our good deals and prices!

In case you're interested in checking out our other social media channels, feel free to browse the links below:

And don't forget, you can visit our site directly at!

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