Monday, 3 April 2017

Resin Embellishments!

So in recent weeks we have noticed a significant rise in interest in resin embellishments that we have been making, which can be painted or left blank and be used in almost every crafting project you could imagine! In response to this, we have set up a new Facebook page here, so you can check them out and buy some if they pique your interest!

We have a very wide range of products available, from small owls and clocks, to larger horses and floral decorative pieces. You can see just a small percentage of what we have available already on the Facebook page itself, and we will be adding more images each day as we have a lot more to show you! We intend to expand the range and will also be adding them to our main website,, so you can purchase either from the page directly or the website itself.

These wonderful resin casts are very sturdy and mean you can make your cards more 3 dimensional, and give them a unique touch that will make them stand out by a mile. The wide variety means that you can embellish your craft projects intended for women, men or children alike. The texture of these casts also allow you to paint them with any colours you'd like, glitters included, or you can leave them as they are, with a marble/cream type of colour and feel to them.

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