Friday, 16 June 2017

Floral Friday: Lots and lots of lovely flowers!

Today we have decided shall be Floral Friday, as we have lots of new flower products for you at! Last time, we showed you the Foamiran sheets which can make beautiful flowers from scratch, even petal by petal, but these are complete pieces making it even easier for you to put together a masterpiece.

We have added a whole new range of products from Club Green that are simply beautiful, from two tone roses, to Daisy sprays, to Hessian flowers, as you can see below! 

A beautiful pink Daisy spray with berries that will light up any card! 

These stunning black flowers can add a gothic or more sombre mood to a card, or even make it funky by clashing against brighter colours! 

One of the new two tone roses available, this blue and white rose is a perfect representation of nature's beauty!

 A large Peony with stem and backing flower which really brings out the colour of this piece!

Now this is something truly beautiful, a Hessian flower with winter sprinkles!

 A perfect set of six Hessian flowers which work beautifully as a small bouquet!

Such beautiful effects we can all use to spruce up our cards, scrapbooks or crafty gifts/displays! Order today to get these magnificient products before they sell out, and thank us later! As always, if you'd like your work featured on our channels, feel free to get in touch via, via our Facebook page, via our Instagram page or via our Twitter page.

Happy Crafting!

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