Monday, 15 May 2017

A very special new resin piece, and some exciting news!


So today we wanted to showcase a very special new resin we have available, the Noah's Ark resin embellishment!

We put it on a cartoon sea background to show an example of how it could be used, but as with most embellishments there are an infinite amount of things you can do with them. They can be painted, glittered up, speckled, or even have a magnet attached to the back so you can have your very own unique Noah's Ark fridge magnet!

The detail on this piece is incredible, clearly showing a giraffe, elephant, rhino, bears, cows, sheep amongst other animals, along with Noah standing proudly on the Ark! They could be easily painted to make them stand out more, but even blank they still pack a real visual punch.

You can either buy them via our Facebook page, or the website.


Now, you're probably wondering what our exciting news is, right?! Well, we're very pleased to be able to say that we at Craft All Day will very soon be stocking Foamiran, so you can make your own super realistic foam flowers quickly and easily, with astonishing results!

These fantastic foam sheets allow you to create beautiful flower pieces which you can combine or have as standalone items. They are flexible and durable, meaning you can have a lot of fun in making your perfect flower!

We will be stocking white, cream and olive coloured foam sheets at £1.60 and sized at 30x35cm, which we expect will sell out quickly, so act fast on these ones!

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