Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Now Offering: Coloured Resins!

So on this gloomy Tuesday in the Midlands, we'd like to cheer everyone up and introduce some colour to your day! We are now very pleased to be able to say we can now offer coloured resins, in at least 8 colours and more on the way, for just an additional 20p-40p depending on the size.

As an example, we've used one of our favourite resin pieces, the window/picture frame in 8 lovely colours:

As you can see, some of the colours are subtle, some of them are very bold, but all would be perfect for most types of cards and projects!

The beautiful darker and more subtle colours would work brilliantly on a retro background, or for something that needs a more vintage or steampunk look, whereas the brighter colours would work great on a child's card or for something upbeat and funky!

The paler colours are perfect for more classy and antique types of cards.

If you like any of our resins, and want them coloured in any particular option shown above, just let us know which number you like the look of, and we'll colour that resin! As said before, it only costs an additional 20-40 pence to give them that extra bit of depth and reality with the colours, so why wait? Get them while they're hot as we say!

If you've enjoyed our products and would like your work shown on any of our pages, just in get in touch at, or via our main Facebook page, our Resin Embellishment Shop Facebook page, Instagram page, and or our Twitter page and we'd love to share what you create!

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