Thursday, 4 May 2017

May the Fourth be with You! - Star Wars Day Specials!

It's Star Wars Day! And aren't we all excited?! We're all fans of the franchise here, and so we're extra happy to be able to provide the following Star Wars resins:

Han Solo frozen in carbonite, just like the original figure and scene from The Empire Strikes Back, now all the way back from 1980 for you to use today!

These extremely sturdy resins stand at 9cm x 3.5cm can be mounted to cards, scrapbooks, magnets for fridges etc, or even used as novelty key-rings! You can leave them blank, paint them with any kind of paint, or even glitter them up if you want to; the possibilities are endless!

And, if you want a smaller version, they're also available at Craft All Day:

These mini versions stand at 4cm x 2cm, and are perfect little token gifts and are also perfect to use as embellishments!

We love seeing what you make with our items, so please feel free to send us any pictures of finished products and we'd be more than happy to share them on our blog!

And once again, May the Fourth be with You!

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